Wednesday, May 06, 2009


what do you call it a coincidence, a chance,

we reach the same place at same time....

we ignore it once it happens again... we ignore it again

the it happens again, then ignoring is not an option

we try drifting but in vain, tried hiding no gain

Then came a day under moon light and great height

bridging the huge distance we stopped fighting addiction together

what do you call it a chance or coincidence....

Life was great and then came a day we got irate

A perfect blend of hot and cool, turned out great

we are angry patient and cool impulsive

coming closer became compulsive

Call it coincidence or chance or even the god fearing may call it destiny.

I think coincidence, chance, destiny are mere words which define events,

what we share is life, and you my dear are the beauty fractal.

There is no chance there is no coincidence there is only choice

I have made mine with no dice

This is to let you know my sweet life

Fifteen years ago it may have been luck that brought us together

But there is no room for luck in our Love growing forever ……

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Grtting back to life

Thursday, November 17, 2005


i think its apt time for me to hang my blogging glove

Sunday, September 25, 2005


I feel like joes clipped toe nail
useless !!!!!!
we have to rebuild the civilzation
the pppl who framed the rules governing are
either dead or about to die !!!!
I am joes insanity
yes am a member
and the first rule is
You do not talk about it !!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

lapse of memory

okay take a test and enumerate the name of all nine planets? See it takes time, why is our brain made in a manner to forget things I forget evrything .... even i forgot to blog !! (shit man work or no work or wateva) ways for ppl who know me and the place i work... news is my work place has shifted nearby to my house and now thats things hav started settling down and most of the things hav marked their place in my daily skedule(new spelling)... .. back to track ... i think i ll reserve blogging for 1ce a week or so ..... but i dont recall last, when i followed patterns ... the choas theory, hisenbergs uncertainity principles and all such rules/corollary/etc etc all automatically provison my activities......Ne ways there has been not much change in the calender .. barring the day one of every month which i like more or rather say die for ... because that day u get money .....i guess my thoughts are wandering too much and dont think this is an appropriate mood to blog ... else i ll end up writing the award winning book "Curious Incidents of Dog at night " where no two lines seem to be expressing same thought or motion yet that book got some award ... but wait WTF Rowling kept her words and killed one of the most powerful characters in the new book Half Blood Prince. For those who still want to read the book .. (the next few lines are not meant for you) I guess Rowling copying the part of Gandalf from LOTR .....Dumbledore got murdered in the latest volume of Harry Potter and potter as always proves himself to be a "lallu" ... The book was good but all it did was create a background for the next one... which even if written will not come before an year or two .. why .... Rowling or her publishers wont slit there pocket themselves i guess.I guess i ll read Fight Club now ......Counte Strike is not fun anymore ... how many times do i take pleasure n shooting those bots :P
enuf for 2de ... letsse if i could make it next week also
signing off strider .....

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

blah blah

noooooooooo.......... so many days and no updates .. thats so unlike me, So here is the orignal me ppl . First of all for all those worried about my queer encounter with a queer(ahem ahem) autodriver .. i hav started travelling in a costlier vehicle .. the bus though sometime i take chances trusting straigthness ..... poor me
Now now the rain god or who so ever incharge of pulling the rain lever is playing serious spoil sport ... beside dirtying all he roads .. he has spoilt all most all of my jeans and has rendered my reebok to a disastrous state.Now talking about the grim flood situation, ppl dont worry ill not sink .. no i was not crafted out of archimedes law(however thats spelt) ...

To add to all this, what has ade my life more miserable is the abscense of the bai (the washerwoman to be spelt in english).. no fresh clothes to wear ... All i hav is a pile of dirty clothes and more dirty clothes which change their status relatively :P
so if ne1 can help :P
For past few days i hav tried keeping myself buz for no reasons god knows why people hav to work. What i hav learned is people here have to modes of living .. either they are buz or they pretend to be busy.
So all those people in college readin this....
u can start mastering the act :P
Chalo time to look buz :P
twaa twaa

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Stories Of The Punerian Kind

As it can be very well noticed that i was out of my bloggin glove for quite good amount of time
so i ll capture a lot that occurred in brief

Rain and the overcharging Rickshaw walas

I dont knoe if i am the first one to use this statement ...but truly "Every Dog has his dish" ok it sounds similar but Raining cats and dog .. u get out of office want to go home so u think of a rick ... but the dog asks for Rs25 in place of 15 courtsey rain ... on the first day i resented and say i would go walking :'( i had to walk all the way back in rain...

Moral of the story : understand if dish is urs or d dogs

Auto walas arre gays
I said to this auto in rain... that i am ghareeb pls dont charge so much he says ghareeb to main bhi hoon ... pant utaru kya ... (and started his act ) what next i ran away from there

Moral 2 : Stay away from them

E2 The multiplex nearby

Now it happened two times in last week i went for "War of Worlds" had to come back , un availablity of tickets ...
Even tried for Mondat night 11:45 pm show .. god dammit that was also housefull.. so just freaked arround thge multiplex and came back

Moral 3: Ppl in Pune are way too kamless so get ur tickets booked beforehand

Hav lots to sya but someother time
tada ppl